Wanda Moran, 29, Went From Size 14 To 9 In 3 Months

I have 4 kids, hence, Mami of 4. I have had trainers, and tried the videos. This is the real deal. I am in better shape than prior to this last baby.

My endurance has increased dramatically. I wasn't able to run for 10 minutes straight since high school. 10 years later, I can run and feel great.

I began her program (at the) end of May starting at size 12/14, and today am in a 9/10 with some 8's fitting. Chelsea didn't just work me out, she educated me. I have a better understanding as to why we do certain workouts, (and) how to make better eating choices; not just following a food program, but actually know why I am eating certain foods. .. I love that my coworkers say, "I cant believe you have 4 kids..."

Her motto is "Dedicated to your health", and this holds true because, when I miss a class, she's not hounding but so encouraging!!! I am blessed to have met her and participate. I am inspired to train myself now!!!


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