I have never truly been on a diet before, never really felt motivated, never really took it seriously, and never was willing to take real action to remediate my weight situation. However, I was one to always complain, whine, and "cover up" my increasingly unhealthy condition. This summer, I finally took responsibility for my 60lb+ weight accumulation during the course of the last 10 years.

I bucked up, joined forces with Chelsea and Lean Body Fit Camp in hopes she would knock the health back into me!

I have also learned that by having someone there so supportive, to push you and make sure you do what you did not think you could do, is very effective! Without Chelsea, I would be very intimidated by the whole fitness regimen, and unsure of how to start, get there and maintain.

Now, I actually want to go to the gym; everyday! I no longer have lower back pains, trouble sleeping at night, and scary pangs of "imaginary" pain in my chest I swear is due to me being fat. All this, and I've lost 25 lbs and I haven't even reached my goal weight yet!