I knew I needed a jump start and push in order to reach my goal. I'm the type of person that needs someone to encourage me, keep me accountable and make sure I'm working out right and working out enough. I had gone to one of the circuit training classes in the past and I saw all those things and I knew training with Lean Body Fit Camp would be a good decision and investment. 

After I finished the program I just wanted more! I saw that I COULD loose weight without having to starve myself. So I was encouraged to continue eating within the guidelines of the Food Plan and continue with the morning workouts. I never thought I would be voluntarily working out at 6AM! So, ultimately, a change in my overall outlook toward my goal. I'm determined, and I know I can do it! 

The program wouldn't have had the same effect on me without Chelsea's encouragement and push. It was definitely nice to have good time choices. The 6am class works out perfectly with my work schedule. I also liked that it only takes about 45-50 mins :) 

As a result of the program: I lost about five pounds, have sustained energy throughout the day, I feel that my goal is now attainable and my clothes fit better.