This is my 3rd month. Started in March 2011. 

Prior to starting Lean Body Fit Camp, I had horrible eating habits. I ate and drank too much. I had almost no physical activity, with the exception of walking my dog from time to time. My blood pressure and cholesterol levels were borderline high. And of course, my weight was out of control. 

I was really nervous about starting fit camp. I thought I was too fat and too old to keep-up with the younger/skinnier students; plus, I was nursing a knee injury. After the 1st week, every muscle in my body was sore, but I realized mentally and emotionally I was already feeling better about myself. Physically, I got off to a slow start. It took me a while to get some of the exercises, but I stuck it out. Before I knew it, I was losing both weight and inches. After about 8 weeks of bootcamp, I had my blood pressure and cholesterol levels checked. Both were lower and I'm now at normal levels. 

I'm still a work in progress, but I'm getting closer and closer to reaching my goals. 

I would recommend the class to anyone looking to live a healthier lifestyle.