I joined L.B. Fit Camp a few months ago and I can truly say, my life has been completely revolutionized!!!

In the past I had started on a great regime of health & fitness, but slipped back into bad eating & health habits. That piece of cake is ok'; it's my friend's Birthday, then another friend's Birthday, then mine.. You know what I am talking about. We have all be there & there are so many excuses we can make as to why we are eating the way we should be or not exercising.

At Long Beach fit, I have learned that you can have that piece of cake once in a while, but it is a life-style change that you are making. At the beginning of each week @ L.B. Fit Camp, we have Mind Set Monday, we tell Chelsea, Lamar or Brittany what our goal is for the week. Whether adding more veggies to each meal, cutting out carbs that week, whatever it is; by doing this we set our week in motion to a healthy start. And, as Chelsea has taught us, if we fail just get back up & go on!!!!

Chelsea, what can I say about Chelsea..... So many awesome things to say & tell you about her.

Chelsea, cares about people, she cares about you & you know it!! She is a motivator & she will do whatever it takes to help you get fit, make healthy choices, & be the best you can be without judgment.

Chelsea, not only trains those @ her camp physically, but she can help you on nutrition as well. She has blogs all the time, shares recipes, new ideas for juicing. And one thing that I consider very important; is that Chelsea keeps herself educated in her industry.

When you come to L.B. Fit Camp, you work out for 45 mins. & I will tell you; you will not only have a blast, you'll feel proud of yourself, that you have made a good decision for health & fitness and the time goes by so fast. What a great way to start your day or end your evening.

Lamar, is awesome. Like Chelsea, Lamar truly cares for people and seeing them feel & look their best. He is an encourager. When you feel you can't do another Mountain Climber, like Chelsea with Lamar's encouragement you can. He not only talks the talk, but he walks the talk.

Lamar's Wacked out Wednesday is a blast..

Brittany, is also a great encourager. When you are running around those cones & you feel like you just can't possibly do one more, you hear Brittany say, You got this, you can do it... You realize you can do it!!!

Chelsea & her team, are awesome!! I would recommend L.B. Fit Camp to anyone who really wants to get in shape, change their eating habits & have a blast doing it.

Thank You Chelsea, Lamar & Birttany , You are Awesome!

Jena Nielsen