Here are some of my comments to my husband on my return from class!

I feel like all I have to do is get my body there each day and Chelsea and Larmar take it from there. In that sense, it's easy.

It's fun! And different every day. Never boring. I feel like a kid, playing and having fun.

It's so well-balanced – they are helping us from every angle – cardio, strength, flexibility, balance, mental, motivational, emotional, dietary, relational.

I really, really enjoy the group setting. And Chelsea and Larmar do a perfect job of training all of us at once at all different levels – brilliant!

They constantly keep telling us the proper form to prevent injury and get optimal results.

I feel like an athlete! (If you knew my athletic skills previously, you'd find that statement quite humorous.)

I'm very out of shape, but still feel comfortable and welcome in the class alongside some really fit ladies!

I hope Chelsea never ends this. I need to do this for life! Think of what shape I'll be in when I'm 80! :)